Stop! Doing It All Yourself!

Excited about a new product we are putting out called Stop! Doing It All Yourself!  It’s about one thing that is really needed in my opinion which is how to hire a virtual assistant or personal assistant to help you in business or your personal life.  But where does one start?

Having worked with virtual assistants for several years now, I have found a great disparity of information online in bits and snippits of do this or do that but everything it seems was just giving a partial glimpse into the puzzle.  Never really found anything giving us the ‘Big Picture’ with the supporting cast of details on the hiring process.

Furthermore, being the primary people that seem to hire virtual assistants the most are smaller business owners, many which are 1 or 2 person operations self employed people, the skills needed to hire someone, much less effectively are not always even there to start.  This is not a good way to set oneself up for success in the long term.  With all the help available today on a global scale, it is important to consider more than just job skills and good attitude to get the right person.  Between cultural considerations and looking for Top Performers, there is much to consider to get this right the first time.

So I created the course and it should be out in just a few days.  Look forward to seeing how it will serve my fellow real estate investors and many more people.  Stay tuned for more!