Private Money Investing With Your IRA

If you’re not earning the return you want on your investment dollars, your money may not be working hard enough for you.  Why does this happen?  Well there are all sorts of reasons but here is a few:

  • Sometimes it is volatility that gets in the way.
  • Sometimes it is the management of a fund.
  • Sometimes it is the fees after a decent investment.
  • Sometimes it is a sector that is going through challenging times.
  • Sometimes it is a lack of clear cut goals.
  • Sometimes you are just really busy and can’t give it the time it needs.

And if the capital is in your retirement accounts, this doesn’t exactly give you a warm fuzzy.  Even if the stock market is doing well, one must keep a careful eye on it to ensure losses don’t come back to haunt you (see 2008-2009).

So we decided we would work within a framework that caters nicely to making money in your retirement accounts passively AND no matter what the stock market does, those funds stay secured and protected.  And it works great with IRA’s as well by leveraging truly Self Directed IRA accounts.

We call it our Private Money Program.  Original I know but we figure let’s keep it simple because it really is very simple.  Our Private Money Program is dedicated to providing you with education and strategies to consider that give you more control over your investments. In doing so, you can have an investment grow at higher rates of return while being secured by real estate. No need to ‘roll the dice’ as they say.

If you want to learn more, send me an e-mail at and I will be happy to share more with you to see if this is of interest to you!

One last thing:  this is a relationship based endeavor.  We enjoy doing business with people and the relationship is always the most important part.  Look forward to hearing from you.