How many decisions can you make in one minute?

The human brain is a fascinatingly powerful took we all have and in my opinion, under utilize greatly.  I am reminded of this almost every time I go mountain biking.  On a trail, espeically twisty and or technical trails, I sometime marvel at how many obstacles we have to miss not every minute or half a minute but literally per second.  Rocks, roots, branches sticking out, dry spots, gulleys, drops, trees, water bottles.  Yes some people drop those along the way and you don’t want to hit one.   Nevertheless, it is actually astonishing how quickly your brain has to think to dodge all these things or go over them…while picking the best line to maintain or gain momentum.  Add a good downhill and the brain has to compute this even faster.

I quickly learned that wow, the brain is an astonishingly busy organ when out on these trails.  Oh and don’t forget it is also working in sync with your heart to keep you alive and maybe even drink some water in the middle of the ride.  Maybe even doing some thinking about other things while you are riding.  Daydreaming in the middle of the organized chaos of a trail.  Who would have thought?  I assure you it can happen.

So if you feel tired one day or your brain feels overloaded, go for a mountain bike ride and go fast…safely of course.  I think you will be amazed at perhaps how perhaps you are not quite as overwhelmed you think you are.  Just a little perspective can change everything and mixed with some good exercise does wonders to loosen you up and get back on track.

Have fun out there too.  It’s a blast.