Dear Real Estate Investor…Run Your Business Like a CEO

I have seen it time and time again.  I have lived it.  Guilty as charged.  Of what you may ask?

Simply doing too much yourself.  Hard to let go sometimes, yes?  As real estate investors, we are very good if not downright exceptional at thinking we have to do whatever task it is.  And these tasks stack very, very fast.  The more deals you do, the harder you work.  Just have to do it all don’t you?

We tell ourselves someone else can do them.  Problem is, there is always ‘one more time’ where ‘I have to do it’.  Can you relate?  I bet you can.  Even many successful investors I know battle this issue.  It is so easy to do.  After all, who really does know your business better than you?

Yet this is the most limiting thing we can do.  To go from one man show to CEO requires no small amount of effort.  Creating systems, training others, providing the necessary tools, hiring the right people, inspiring them, paying them and on and on.  Having a functional team that is successfully operating a business is no small accomplishment.  But yet a requirement it is to truly get your time back like you asked.

Many people don’t know where to start.  I for one have found little on the subject specific to real estate investors.  So through leveraging my corporate background and experimentation, I was able to create a team that makes an impact daily (part of their job description) and you can too!

I created this system which you can find Here.  It will walk you through from A-Z how to setup your real estate business, bring people into it and manage it for the long haul.  It is 100% adaptable to your needs since everyone is a little different.  The concepts work and can do amazing things for you.  Check it out Here and let me know what you think.  One thing is for sure…by going through this, you will graduate to CEO of your company whether you are two people or 20 or 200.

And this is where you want to be.  The one in charge but knowing that others are making many things happen for you daily.  Check it out Here and let me know how I can help.

Be blessed!

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