80/20 VA Office

It’s time yo get your back!

The 80/20 VA Office is the system that walks you through the process step by step.

Our team has created this blog to help you learn how to leverage the power of others in your business, and not just Real Estate for that matter.  Reality is, most businesses we have come across can benefit from virtual help in a wide variety of ways.

My name is Frank Iglesias and I have had the privilege to talk and walk with people from around the globe for a few years now and my journey feels like it is only beginning.  Every day I grow and learn something new when it comes to working with virtual assistants.  There are many people preaching ‘Hire a Virtual Assistant!  Hire a Virtual Assistant!’ but very few walk if any walk you through how to make it work for the long haul so you get sustained consistency.

And consistency is everything!

As a result, I designed this 80/20 VA Office with the intent of serving real estate investors with the skills needed to run an effective business for the the long haul.   Because it works so well, it became clear it can be used by other businesses as well.

This blog is here to give you snippits of what it is like working with Virtual Assistants as part of your team in a way that is mutually beneficial for as much time as you want.

So stick around as we will be posting regularly about what you can expect.  And if you are ready to dive in and take your business to the next level, go ahead and check out the 80/20 VA Office to help you get there sooner.

The 80/20 rule can be your reality a lot sooner than you think. We will show you how.   Click here to get started!

See you soon.